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The 5005 Sola Slicers from M&M Bird Toys are super bird pleasing natural foot toys. These wonderful small sized foot toys are completely natural and the ideal material for your pet to chew and shred.

Each pack includes (48) sola slices ready to be played with. These sola pieces are made from all natural Sola plant stems. This material holds its shape, has a spongy feel and can let both feet and beaks rip into it. Sola has a similar feel to balsa wood except that’s it lighter, doesn’t splinter and is very easy to break up. The slices are all cut in the same diagonal way showing an outer rim of dark bark. A small hole is in the center of each piece making for easy hanging from other items.

These lightweight foot toys can be enjoyed as they are or used in lots of other ways, including cutting them up for foraging materials. Natural, straightforward and bird safe, these sola foot toys are perfect for pets of all ages and types.

Each sola slicer piece will vary slightly from the next as these are 100% natural items.

Approximate Specifications:

Single Piece Width: (2.5) or (2 1/2) inches

Single Piece Height: (0.75) or (3/4) inches

Single Piece Thickness: (0.25) or (1/4) inches

Single Piece Weight: Under (0.2) ounces

A bird safe chewable foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai in our small Florida shop

Learn how Sola Bird Toys are made at our blog: https://www.mmbirdtoys.com/a/blog/how-are-sola-bird-toys-made

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
They are slightly thinner than I thought t...

They are slightly thinner than I thought they would be (based on the toys I've bought before that contain these). But that's the only downside, they arrived in great condition and I'm sure my birdie will love destroying them.

Item came quickly. Packaged well

Item came quickly. Packaged well

In five minutes I only have 20 of the 24 I...

In five minutes I only have 20 of the 24 I ordered left so I'll definitely be ordering more again soon :)

Given 5 stars

Given 5 stars

Given 5 stars

Given 5 stars

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