Welcome to M&M Bird Toys! We're a husband and wife company (Max & Mai) who operate our small specialized shop to make the best hand-crafted toys for your feathered friends.

We both are very excited to bring our high quality hand-crafted toys directly to you. Mai is a master-toymaker having personally crafted thousands upon thousands of bird toys of all types over many years. All of our toys are individually crafted by Mai, piece by piece, part by part and color by color. Mai's meticulous and labor intensive process for crafting bird toys makes an unparalleled product that delights pets and owners!

Prior to opening M&M, we had both worked in the bird toy industry for many years. During this time we gained our craft and knowledge of toy making, e-commerce & what thrills pet birds. We take all our invaluable experience from this time and have focused it into M&M with the mission to hand-craft the absolute best bird toys you can find. 

Nowhere else will you find the quality, the craft and the love that we put into our toys. We hope our products thrill not just pet birds but people as well!

In case you do see us elsewhere we also have our brands Mandarin Bird Toys & M&M Union Bird Toys around the web!

Mai putting the final touches on a new toy.

Mai putting the finished touches on a new toy.

A closeup shot of colorful toy parts, hand tools & more.

A colorful closeup of acrylic rings, stainless steel spoons, bird safe rings, sturdy zinc free chain and hands tools.

Max & Mai

Max & Mai


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