8015 1.75 Inch Skinny Donuts

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The 8015 1.75 Inch Skinny Donuts from M&M Bird Toys are delightful beak pleasing foot toys. These chewable small size donuts are great fun for pet birds.

Each pack includes (8), (12) or (18) ready to play with bird donuts. These are made from many layers of compressed cardboard that’s been tightly packed into a circular shape. On the outside of each donut are a colorful layer of paper. Pet birds love grabbing and pulling each layer of shreddy paper off the donut. The donuts are lightweight making them easy for pets to manipulate. These donuts feel great in beaks also with their smooth interesting shape.

These donuts can be used in tons of ways to thrill your pet. They are an ideal standalone foot toy. The bagels can be hung around the cage or from other toys. Even chop the bagels up for extra bird safe foraging material. These delightful straightforward foot toys are ideal for pets of all ages and abilities.

These bird safe chewable foot toys are ideal for all pet birds.


Diameter: (1.75) inches or (44) mm

Thickness: (0.5) inch or (12.7) mm

Single Donut Weight: Under (0.5) ounce

A bird safe foot toy

Individually hand-packed by us in our small Florida shop

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As always a seller I trust so I purchase m...

As always a seller I trust so I purchase multiple times. Great quality products and my birds are happy. Thank you again for everything :)

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