7001 Stainless Steel Toy Quick Link

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The Stainless Steel Toy Quick Link from M&M Bird Toys are high quality durable toy hanging connectors. These connectors have an easy to use barrel screw clasp and smooth round edges.

Each connector in this pack is created from high quality 304 grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is an ideal material for any part on bird toys as its completely bird safe, very durable and naturally long lasting. Stainless steel is created by mixing elements with carbon and other materials to make a stronger, corrosion resistant metal. Stainless steel has a tough surface that forms during its manufacturing process that gives it a shiny silver sheen and wonderful durability. 

Each of these connectors are carefully made with quality milling and a consistent even design. They have an easy to use smoothly operating barrel clasp. The clasp has many grooves on it letting it be opened and closed effortlessly with your finger tips. These connectors are bird safe and can be used for any toy in any cage. These connectors can be used in tons of other applications too, from hanging pictures to hanging plants to even storing tools.

Each pack includes (3), (6) or (9) high quality stainless steel toy quick link connectors.


Length: (1.5) inches or (38.1) mm

Width: (0.71) inches or (18) mm

Thickness: (2.6) mm

100% bird safe

Each link is individually packed by us in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Absolutely perfect for bird toys. They are...

Absolutely perfect for bird toys. They are bird safe (stainless) and are a much higher quality than the nickel versions.

Great Seller! I really like that these are...

Great Seller! I really like that these are stainless steel and this shop has them available. My order was wrapped with care and received quickly. Thank you!

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