5301 Pk3 Small Sola Blooms

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Color: Fuchsia
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The Small Sola Blooms from M&M Bird Toys are handmade, delightfully fun to shred, sola wood bird toys.

Each pack includes (3) ready to play with sola blooms. These are made from all natural air dried sola wood thats been colored with food dye. The insides of the blooms are formed from small pieces of sola wood sticks that have been tied together on the bottom with a length of natural twine. The outside of each blood has a thinly sliced piece of sola bar that surrounds it.

These unique foot toys offer pets lots of places to grab with beaks and feet. The tops of the blooms have plenty of places to stick in treats to increase the fun. The foot toys are lightweight and easy for species of all sizes to enjoy.

These toys come in colors: Fuchsia, Blue, Orange and Red


Diameter: (2.75) inches or (7) cm

Height: (1.75) inches or (4.5) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe chewable foot toy

Individually checked for quality by Mai in our small Florida shop 

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It's truly a favorite for my little parrot...

It's truly a favorite for my little parrotlet. He loves these!

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