5156 Chunky Sola Platter

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The 5156 Chunky Sola Platter from M&M Bird Toys is an assortment of skinless sola foot toys to thrill beaks and feet. All these natural items are great fun for birds to shred.

This pack includes (13) sola foot toy pieces total! Each part is ready to play with right from the pack. Includes are (5) thick skinless sola logs, (2) big sola balls and (6) sola oyster slicers. These are long sola pieces that have had their bark removed. Each piece has a small natural hole in its center. The sola balls are made from many pieces of skinless sola that are tied together into a sphere, cut to size and left to air dry. The sola oyster slicers are triangular skinless pieces that also have a natural hole in their center.

All the parts in this pack are feather light, easy for beaks and feet of all sizes to grab and are completely natural. Sola can be played with as is, hung up around the cage or from other bird toys and broken up into smaller pieces to refill foraging toys. Assorted packs like this are ideal for pet birds. With the different shapes they’ll be able to constantly be entertained in different ways. Sola is perfect for timid and particular pets as its very appealing, straightforward and easy to interact with. 

Each part in this pack will vary slightly in shape and size as they are all 100% natural items. 

Single Part Specification:

Sola Logs: 

Length: From (4 3/4) to (5) inches

Diameter: From (3/4) to (1 1/8) inch

Single Log Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

Sola Balls:

Single BallDiameter: (3) inches

Single Ball Weight: Under (2) ounces 

Sola Oyster Slicers:

Slicer Width Range: (1) inch to (2.25) inches

Slicer Thickness Range: (0.25) inches to (0.5) inches

Single Slicer Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

100% bird safe

Individually hand-packed in our small shop

Learn how Sola Bird Toys are made at our blog: https://www.mmbirdtoys.com/a/blog/how-are-sola-bird-toys-made

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Our chinchilla is having so much fun with...

Our chinchilla is having so much fun with this selection; great way to mix it up and see what shapes and textures he prefers.

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