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The Seagrass Sphere Chewers from M&M Bird Toys are large and all natural bird foot toys. These big natural spheres have tons of beak and feet pleasing material stuffed inside!

This pack includes (4), (8) or (12) Seagrass Sphere Chewer Balls ready to be played with. Each ball is a large natural sphere formed from a seagrass net thats been stuffed with natural strips of seagrass. The seagrass net is formed from a thick seagrass rope that weaves and twists all around the ball. This seagrass rope is perfect for grabbing beaks and feet providing pets with a perfect surface to grab. Beneath the seagrass rope are many pieces of natural seagrass strips that have bene balled up in a tight sphere. The strands are easy to pull out individually for beaks and feet. The balls can be completely chewed apart with their all natural materials. Even hang them from other large toys or the cage structures to mount a fun chewing item.

Bird safe, enticing in their materials and straightforward in their design these foot toys are great for all types of medium to large pets. Great used as a standalone foot toy and cut up for more material.

These foot toys vary slightly in shape, size and design as each is a natural item.

[Approximate Specifications]

Diameter: (2.5) to (3) inches

Single ball weight: Between (2) to (3) ounces

A bird safe chewable foot toy

Each foot toy is checked for quality and individually hand-packed by Mai in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joanna Templeton
Fun Toy

My African Grey loved this toy- kept him busy for long time!!

Seaweed sphere chews.

My bird enjoyed taking this apart once he got used to them in his cage. I’ll probably get more, as each has lasted a few weeks.

Sugar Roberts
There awesome my birds love playing with t...

There awesome my birds love playing with them …..thank you good buy

Alessandra Rau
Keeps birds busy for a while just foraging...

Keeps birds busy for a while just foraging!

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