3500 Small Beak Buckle 1.25 Inch

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The 3500 Pk3 Small Beak Buckle 1.25 Inch from M&M Bird Toys are heavy duty metal foot toys. These shiny, interactive and long lasting foot toys are made to excite.

This pack includes (3) Small Beak Buckles ready to play with. These foot toys are heavy duty and made from thick nickel plated high quality steel pieces. The body of the toy is a rounded rectangle with a metal roller on one side and a moveable swing arm on the other. The metal roller spins with ease and makes bird pleasing sounds when moving. On the other side there is a rounded swing arm that cleanly wraps around the rectangular body. Next to the swing arm wrap on the body are two big metal bumps created from the body itself. This prevents the swing arm from being removed making it ultra bird enticing. 

This finely milled foot toy part is super heavy duty. This toy can be tossed, thrown, grabbed, pulled, bitten, shaken, jingled and anything else that your pet can dish up. The thick durable metal pieces will hold up for play session after play session. The reflective surface looks like new with a quick wash and is mirror like when clean. The toys will reflect any color near them making them even more enticing. The foot toys can also be hung from other toys or the cage itself to add a shiny pullable part. Both smoothly operating metal pieces of this toy make noise when the part is shaken.


Length: (1.55) inches or (3.93) cm

Width: (1.3) inches or (3.3) cm

Steel Gauge: (5) mm

Roller Diameter: (8.65) mm

Hand-packed in our small shop

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Prompt shipment and personal touch to orde...

Prompt shipment and personal touch to order. Would definitely order from this shop again! Thank you!!!

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