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The 3002 Pk8 Plastic Puzzle Pieces from M&M Bird Toys are bird friendly and easy to play with colorful foot toys. These durable plastic parts can be linked together in tons of different shapes.

This pack includes (8) plastic puzzle parts ready to be played with. Each part has the same shape with (2) clips and (2) indentations for clipping. The parts can be clipped into each other in their respective shapes letting you create interesting configurations for your pet to play with. The indents on the sides of the puzzle pieces let them easily be strung up around the cage and from other items. The parts lightweight let pets of all types manipulate them with their beak and feet. Each part has smooth interesting sides and a recessed front and back.

These foot toys are durable, straightforward and brightly colored. Easy to play with foot toys like these are essential for any cage. Great to play with as is and can easily be added to other toys and items. The durable plastic will last for many play sessions. Great for any aviary or cage.

 This pack includes (8) brightly colored plastic puzzle pieces.

Single Piece Specification:

Length: (2 1/8) or (2.125) inches

Width: (1 6/16) or (1.37) inches

Thickness: (7/16) or (0.43) inches

Weight: Under (0.5) ounces

A bird safe colorful foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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Dana Willms
As described. They were quite a bit larger...

As described. They were quite a bit larger at 1.5 inches than I thought they would be. Our BH Caique, Kiwi (11 weeks), loves them.

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