2133 Large Rainbow Chew Beads

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The 2133 Large Rainbow Chew Beads from M&M Bird Toys are classic wooden foot toys. These beads can be used in tons of ways to excite your pet.

Each pack includes (5), (10) or (15) Large rainbow wooden chew beads ready to play with. These beads have been colored with food dye making them completely bird safe. Each bead is round with flat sides where the center opening is. The center hole is cleanly drilled and makes the beads perfect for hanging from other objects. The smooth sides and open middle makes the beads easy to grab for beaks and feet.

These foot toys are designed for pet birds to chew apart. Wooden foot toys are particularly important in the aviary as they help stimulate birds natural chewing and foraging instincts. Colorful wooden toys are fun for pets to play with, straightforward in design and stand out in aviaries.

These food dye colored wooden chew beads are safe for birds and other pets too!


Diameter: (1.25) inches or (2.43) cm

Single Bead Weight: Under (0.5) ounce

A bird safe chewing foot toy

Individually hand-packed by us in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I really like this it for my Macaw. He can...

I really like this it for my Macaw. He can't crack it to pieces like the smaller ones. He tries, until he just give up...then try all over again

These are great for large birds to play wi...

These are great for large birds to play with, the packing was secure and well done, and I"m happy my UToo is happy. Love this store!!! Great selection of bird stuff! Thank you!

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