1595 Sola Circus Cup

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The 1595 Sola Circus Cup from M&M Bird Toys is an enticing and fun to shred foraging bird toy.

At the top of this toy is a quick link connector for fast installation in the cage. From here a length of sturdy link chain hangs down to a sturdy metal wire. This wire passes through the center of the toy working as its backbone. The wire is adorned with a natural wooden bead and cardboard shred on top and a natural wooden bead and metal bell on the bottom. The body of the bird toy is a food grade ice cream cup with a natural sola wood ball inside. On top of the sola ball a delightful tent decoration is slipped in between sola pieces. The tent and cup have the same great stripped design making it stand out in any birdy environment.

This toy is very easy for pets to shred apart with its lightweight sola wood ball & paper cup. The flag can easily be pulled up off the sola ball making it fun for pets to remove. The sola ball can be gripped by beaks and feet, as well as the paper cup. The sola ball is also a great candidate to stuff pets favorite treats inside of. All pet birds need quality destructible toys to express their natural foraging instinct and the 1595 Sola Circus Cup provides this wonderfully


Height: (9) inches or (22.8) cm

Width: (3.5) inches or (8.9) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe chewable cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wonderful toy! Our GCC loves it and all th...

Wonderful toy! Our GCC loves it and all the toys we get from this seller! Highly recommend!

Laura G
So cute! He loves it!

George the African Grey just loves sola so much. I personally love this toy for him because the circus tent is so cute and colorful. His toys only last a day or so, but they keep him happy and busy and that’s the important thing!

Jose S Yengle

One of my little Franklin’s favorite toy! This one lasts him a few hours, so it’s excellent! He enjoys this one so much! Excellent quality.

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