1558 Sola Hot Dog

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The 1558 Sola Hot Dog from M&M Bird Toys is a uniquely super shreddable bird toy! This beak and talon rip-able toy has lightweight easy to chew parts.

At the top of the toy a quick link connector is included for fast hanging in the aviary. From here a length of natural jute twine hangs down to a food grade hot dog bag. The jute twine knots at either end at the top of the bag. In the hot dog bag a handcrafted sola skin hot dog is surrounded by skinless sola buns. Between the dog and bun are colorful yellow mustard crinkle paper. The sola dog sits in a bed of red crinkle paper with brightly colored rainbow crinkle paper filling the remainder of the bag. Sola is one of the lightest wood in the world and makes for a superb chewable bird toy material. This irresistible hot dog is lightweight, easy to chew and great fun to pet birds to investigate.

This bird toy can be strung up in the cage for a ridiculously messy birdy good time! The toy can also be laid on the floor for foraging fun. The hot dog can even be easily removed and played with as another foot toy. We have packed this toy with tons of crinkle paper, so much so that the paper can be used to fill other shreddable toys. All parts of this toy are easy to rip (other than the metal link) making it a delight for pets to enjoy. 


Height: (13) inches or (33) cm

Width: (3.5) inches or (8.9) cm

Depth: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Weight: Under (2) ounces

A bird safe foraging toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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Parrots loved all the toys

Parrots loved all the toys

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