1080 Foraging Shred Spoon

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The 1080 Foraging Shred Spoon from M&M Bird Toys is a handmade shreddy hanging aviary toy. This toy has lots of shreddable parts to thrill beaks.

At the top of the toy there is a quick link connector for fast hanging in the cage. From here a sturdy metal ring hangs and loops through a drilled hole in the top of a natural wooden chew spoon. The neck of the spoon has been adorned with (6) colorful shreddy cardboard donuts and a natural vine ball thats been stuffed with pet safe colorful shreddy paper. These items can move up and down on the spoon neck making them even more enticing. On the bottom of the toy a cardboard shred piece and lengths of colorful bamboo finger traps sit on either side of the spoon bowl. These parts are held in place with a small length of sturdy metal wire. 

This toy is a visual delight in any cage with its bright colors and pet pleasing parts. The cardboard donuts move easily about on the spoon neck making them great fun to interact with. The vine ball is made from all natural vine and can be completely chewed apart. The shreddy paper is also brightly colored and has many beak and feet teasing pieces hanging all over the vine ball. The colorful finger traps and cardboard shred on the bottom are held in place letting beaks chew them to pieces while still on the toy. 

This handmade shreddy delight ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors for the cardboard bagels, shreddy paper and bamboo finger traps.


Height: (10.5) inches or

Width (3) inches or 

Weight : Under (2) ounces

A bird safe foraging cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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Very nicely made, happy with purchase, 5 s...

Very nicely made, happy with purchase, 5 stars!!

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