1077 Paci Rattle Ringer

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The 1077 Paci Rattle Ringer from M&M Bird Toys is a stimulating and shiny bird toy. This versatile toy can be hung in many ways in cages.

There are (2) quick link hanging connectors on this bird toy with one at either end. The quick links loop through the last link in the sturdy metal chain that is the backbone of the toy. On this chain dangle (5) sturdy metal rings that each hang enticing pet bird parts. From each metal ring are (2) beautiful acrylic pacifiers and a stainless steel shiny spoon. 

Anytime this toy is played with it will make great jingling noises. The shiny spoons reflect nearby colors including the translucent acrylic pacifiers. The (2) hanging quick links allow the toy be hung in a variety of different ways. The quick links can be moved to other places on the toy and more can be added to further change how its hung. All the parts on this toy are interesting for pets to interact with and fun for any cage.

This hand-crafted bird toy ships with assorted colored acrylic pacifiers.

Specifications when Horizontal:

Length: (12) inches or (30.5) cm

Height: (5) inches or (12.7) cm

Width: (1) inch or (2.5) cm

Weight: Under (6) ounces

A bird safe aviary toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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