1041 Big Ranch Chewer

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The 1041 Big Ranch Chewer from M&M Bird Toys is a delightfully fun to chew leather bird toy. This medium sized bird toy has long leather lace legs and rectangular leather squares.

On this bird toy there is a heavy duty quick link connector ready for lots of pulling fun. This connector lets the toy be hung quickly in the aviary. From the connector a sturdy metal ring hangs that forms part of the top knot of the toy. Each leather lace strip slips underneath a second horizontal sturdy metal ring and loops over the top of the lower part of the first metal ring. Each leather lace has a chunky knot tightly placed below the second horizontal metal ring. This knot and ring setup is interesting for pets to investigate and is made for pulling fun. Hanging down from the rings are (4) leather lace legs that are (1/4) inch thick! Each leg has (2) chunky knots in it that each support a rectangular leather chew strip. The strips have holes drilled in their center and can easily be manipulated up and down the leather lace legs.

This bird toy has a straightforward fun design that’s appealing to pets of all types. The leather is high quality USA made, vegetable tanned and bird safe. Leather is an excellent material for pet birds as its safe to completely chew apart. The thick leather parts on this toy are made to please and will provide the busiest beaks with tons of chewing fun.

This bird toy is made with high quality USA made vegetable tanned bird safe leather.


Height: (15) inches

Width: (4.5) or (4 1/2) inches

Weight: Under (5) ounces

100% bird safe

Individually handmade by us in our small Florida shop

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