1040 Small Leather Propeller

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The 1040 Small Leather Propeller from M&M Bird Toys is an easy to play with and bird enticing toy. This small sized toy has natural chewable wooden beads and natural leather strips.

At the top of the bird toy is an included quick link connector. This lets the toy be hung easily in the cage or aviary. From the connector a small sturdy link chain hangs down through the center of the toy ending with a hardy metal ring. This metal ring on the bottom has a metal bell dangling from it that makes great bird pleasing sounds whenever the toy is played with. Adorning the link chain are the parts that make up the body of the toy. There are (5) natural wooden beads with (4) natural leather strips interspacing them. The leather strips have drilled holes in their center where the link chain passes through. 

This bird toys light weight and straightforward design makes it a charming delight for pet birds.The durable metal bell hanging on the bottom makes pleasant sounds anytime the toy is played with. As your pet grabs and chews the natural leather strips will move around their center. With the body of the bird toy adorning the link chain, it wiggles and moves around in any play session! Also a great chewing toy, the natural leather and natural wooden beads are beak pleasers. 

The leather on this toy is high quality USA made vegetable tanned bird safe leather.


Height: (7) inches

Width: (3) inches

Depth: (1) inch

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe chewable toy

Individually handmade by us in our small Florida shop

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