1036 Leather Leg Spider Puller

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The 1036 Leather Leg Spider Puller from M&M Bird Toys is a fun to play with natural leather bird toy with pullable parts. This toy has all natural leather parts to thrill pet birds by satisfying their natural instinct to chew.

This bird toy includes a heavy duty quick link connector at the top that supports pets pulling on the toy and hanging from the toy. From the connector a sturdy metal ring hangs that has the leather strips looped through it. There are (6) dangling leather legs hanging down from this ring. These strips sit loosely in the ring and can easily be pulled back and forth. On each leather leg there are many knots that hang a leather square or rectangle. These pieces can move up and down on the leather legs. This toy has an enticing design that tempts pets to come and play from anywhere in the cage.

This all natural toy is completely made of leather except for the sturdy metal ring and heavy quick link connector. This leather is all crafted in the U.S.A. from vegetable tanned hides making them completely bird safe.The leather pieces are all thick and tough, providing birds with a great workout for their chewing beaks and grabbing feet. The assorted parts on this toy are visually appealing and loads of fun for pets to play with and add a unique natural touch to cages.


Height: (10) inches or (25.4) cm

Width: (4) inches or (12.7) cm

Weight: Under (4) ounces

A bird safe chewable leather toy

Each toy is individually handmade by Mai in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cynthy Johnson
My Umbrella Cockatoo's First Leather Toy

This is her first leather toy, and she is enjoying it. It is completely bird safe, and I am sure I'll be watching for more from this company. It is challenging to find toys that are completely safe, so I am very pleased.

Great toy

My bird has taken this apart a number of the. I just tie the squares back on and he’s ready to take them apart again.

My African Grey loves these! Thanks so muc...

My African Grey loves these! Thanks so much! Will buy again!

I like this parrot toy, but my African Gre...

I like this parrot toy, but my African Grey only showed a interest on the day I put it in his cage. I think he prefers big colorful blocks, bells, and cardboard boxes. This is well made and shipped quickly. Regardless of my parrot's lack of interest at this point, I highly recommend this seller.

Toy store was fun to peruse. My order arri...

Toy store was fun to peruse. My order arrived safe, sound and in record time. My parrot immediately started playing with it when I put it in his cage. I will purchase from here again, and again, and again.

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