1023 Dolphin Dream Spooner

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The 1023 Dolphin Dream Spooner from M&M Bird Toys is an ultra bird pleasing and delightful hanging toy. This medium sized toy has bold bright colors, stainless steel spoons and wonderful diving acrylic dolphins.

This bird toy has (2) heavy duty quick link connectors with one at either end of the sturdy link chain backbone. These heavy duty link connectors are perfect for all the pulling action this toy will create! The heavy duty quick link connects loops through sturdy metal rings that have each been adorned with a diving dolphin. Hanging from the metal ring is a smaller metal ring with an adorable translucent acrylic dolphin hanging and a small sized metal bell. These dolphins sit loosely in the ring and are super entertaining for pet birds to manipulate with their beaks and feet.

Moving down the chain link backbone your pet will find (4) sets of metal rings that each have a stainless steel measuring spoon dangling. Also hanging from these sturdy metal rings are (2) colorful acrylic pacifiers or (2) colorful acrylic rings. These beak and feet pleasing colorful items are easy to play with and reflect their beautiful colors onto the stainless steel spoons. In between each of the hanging metal spoons are (3) more metal rings that each dangles a diving dolphin hanging from a small length of link chain. Each of these diving dolphins have the same design with their tail hung loosely by the metal ring and a small metal bell adorning the ring.

This amazing toy is super bird enticing with its bright and beautiful assorted materials.

Each dolphin is great fun for pets to move and manipulate. The bright colors all reflect on the bird safe chain and stainless steel measuring spoons. As all the items are hanging from the chain link backbone whenever the toy is played with all the parts move around for an array of bird thrilling color and sound. With (2) heavy duty quick link connectors this toy can be hung horizontally, vertically or any other way to best entertain your pet. A beautifully designed toy to look at inside or outside the cage, this toys design is perfect for ocean loving owners too!

This bird toy ships in bright bird pleasing green & blue ocean inspired colors.

Specifications When Hung Horizontally:

Length: (14) inches

Height: (5.25) or (5 1/4) inches

Depth: (1.5) or (1 1/2) inches

Weight: (7) ounces

A bird safe hanging cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop

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