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The 1016 Paci Pot Banger from M&M Bird Toys is a noisy and super fun bird toy. This enticing small sized bird toy has a great noise making design with its stainless steel pots to thrill pets.

The top of the bird toy includes a fast link connector that makes hanging quick in the aviary. This connector loops through the last link of a small sturdy link chain length. This link chain has all of the other items on the toy hanging from it letting them move about easily. On the chain your pet will find a colorful plastic bead and a colorful plastic foot gear. The bead and foot gear can spin around their axis and move up and down the chain. Below these colorful items are (2) sturdy metal rings. One ring has a single translucent acrylic pacifier hanging with a stainless steel measuring pot while the other ring has (2) translucent acrylic pacifiers hanging with another stainless steel measuring pot. 

As the pots are each on their own ring they are perfectly aligned to be bumped and banged against each other. Your pet simply needs to grab any part of the toy and pull to make lots of exciting movement, color and noise. The beautiful acrylic pacifiers reflect their colors onto the shiny measuring pots for a bird enticing effect. The appealing interesting design fits easily into any cage environment. Pets will have hours and hours of fun with the durable, high quality, shiny and enticing materials the toy is made from.

This bird toy ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors for the plastic bead, gear and acrylic pacifiers.


Height: (9) inches

Width: (3) inches

Weight: Under (4) ounces

A bird safe aviary toy

Individually hand-crafted by us in our small Florida shop

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Thank you

Very cute, good quality, quick shipping!...

Very cute, good quality, quick shipping! Might be a little big for our parakeet but she'll probably still check this toy out! She's a lover of her toys!

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Given 5 stars

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