1012 Large Block Connectors

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The 1012 Pk3 Large Block Connectors from M&M Bird Toys are big and colorful bird pleasing foot toys. These large foot toys have smooth interesting sides and can be connected together in lots of ways.

The pack includes (3) Large Block Connectors ready to be played with. Each connector in the pack is of a different color and shape with one in Blue, Yellow and Red. The parts are each of the same thickness and can each interconnect with each other via any of its sides or center. 

The Blue part has (4) matching corners each in the shape of a square. This makes (4) equal square shaped openings around the edge of the part. In the center there is another square opening that can be used to connect.

The Yellow part has an irregular shape making square shaped connection areas on (3) places around its circumference. Like the other parts there is a square shaped opening in the center. These irregular shaped pieces are excellent for pets to grab with their beaks and feet and provide plenty of places for other part connections.

The Red part is the smallest of the three with (4) square shaped points surrounding its center. Perhaps the most useful of the (3) parts, the red piece can be used to connect the other two pieces easily as its corners can stick into the other parts. Like all the pieces the red part has a square shaped opening.

These foot toys can be used as single toy pieces, connected together in any number of ways and also hung from the toys and aviary. The center holes in the parts make it super easy to suspend these foot toys to thrill your pet. The bright colors, smooth enticing shape, big beak and foot friendly shapes and light-weight make these foot toys perfect for your medium to large feathered friend. 

Each pack ships with a Blue, Yellow and Red Large Block Connector.


Single Part Width: (3 5/8) or (3.62) inches

Single Part Thickness: (0.5) or (1/2) inches

Single Part Weight: Under (1) ounces

A bird safe colorful foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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