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The 1010 Manimals from M&M Bird Toys are delightful and fun to play with bird foot toys. These foot toys have connecting hands and bodies to link them together in endless ways to entertain.

Each pack includes (6) colorful Manimals ready to be played with. Each Manimal has smooth rounded sides and shapes. Two square feet are at the bottom of straight legs. These connect to the rounded body which has connecting ribs on both front and back. The hands stick straight out to the sides and are made up of connecting ribs. The head features an adorable assorted animal face.

The connecting hands and body can be connected to any other connecting hand and body. This lets these foot toys be linked in tons of different ways making them excellent to entertain pet birds. The bulby hands and rectangular feet are ideal for hanging the Manimals from other toys or the cage itself. Easily wrap materials around the bodies and hands to make these lightweight enticing foot toys even more irresistible.

These foot toys ship in bright assorted bird pleasing colors and animal faces.


Pack Size: (6) Manimal Figures

Single Figure Width: (2.25) or (2 1/4) inches

Single Figure Height: (2.25) or (2 1/4) inches

Single Figure Depth: (9/16) or (0.56) inches

Single Figure Weight: Under (1) ounces

A bird safe interesting plastic foot toy

Individually hand-packed and checked for quality by Mai in our small Florida shop

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