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The 1008 Gear Bell Grabber from M&M Bird Toys is a colorful and fun to play with toy. This flexible bird toy has a straightforward design to thrill pets of all types and is easy to hang with its included (2) quick link connectors.

At both ends of the sturdy link chain are a quick link connector. These connectors make for fast hanging in the cage and let the toy be hung in multiple different ways. The chain the toy is made from is 100% birds safe and ready for pulling fun. On the chain there are (5) sturdy metal rings that hang different beak and feet pleasing items. On the ends and in the middle your pet will find interesting plastic figurines that have assorted cute face and grooved hands and bodies. The smooth sides and interesting shape of the figures make them great fun for pets to investigate. These figurines are also perfect objects to hang other materials and items from. On the remaining (2) metal rings hang small lengths of chain that are adorned by colorful plastic gears. On the bottom of these lengths of chain are another set of metal rings that each hang a metal bell. These bells make great bird pleasing sounds when your pet interacts with the toy.

Toys like these are great for filling up a particular space in the cage as it can be hung in so many different ways. Even move the quick link connectors to other chain links to hang the toy in ever changing ways. The bright colors and bird pleasing design make it an easy addition for cages. The lightweight materials are easy to pull and fun for pets to feel with their beak and feet.

This bird toy ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors for the figurines and plastic foot gears.

[Specifications when hung horizontally]

Length: (11) inches or (27.9) cm

Height: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Depth: (1.5) inches or (3.8) cm

Weight: Under (4) ounces

A bird safe cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by us in our small Florida shop

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EVERY BIRD needs this toy!! My budgie love...

EVERY BIRD needs this toy!! My budgie loves it! It's bright, it moves when touched and the Manimals are perfect for the beak to grasp and play!! The quality is perfect!! Matches the descriptions 100%. Exceeded my expectations!! Fast shipping and protected!! Thank you so much! I HIGHLY recommend this shop!!! Thank you again and again!

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