1001 Double Shred Hanger

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The 1001 Double Shred Hanger from M&M Bird Toys is a unique small sized bird toy perfect for adding interactive fun to smaller cages. This bird toy has special grooved parts that allow for easy hanging of other materials.

The top of the bird toy includes a small sized quick link connector. This makes for fast hanging in the aviary and hangs the main chain of the toy. This chain is nickel plated and zinc free making it ideal for pet birds. The chain works as the backbone of the toy letting it swing freely about. On the chain hang (2) sturdy metal ring that dangle plastic figurines. These figurines have adorable assorted animal faces and are brightly colored. Also adorning the chain is a single brightly colored plastic bead. This plastic bead piece can be manipulated and moved up and down the chain.

The figurines have special grooved hands and bodies. These grooves allow for super easy hanging of other shredding and foraging materials. Any foraging material wrapped around the grooved sections is great fun for your pet to pull and tug. The legs have large feet that can also have twine and material easily wrapped around for dangling fun.

This bird toy ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors.


Height: (7) inches or (17.8) cm

Width: (2.25) inches or (5.7) cm

Depth: (1.5) inches or (3.8) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe hanging toy 

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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Cute!!! Hoping my Caique loves it!

Cute!!! Hoping my Caique loves it!

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