5070 Mega 4 Inch Natural Vine Ball

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The 5070 Mega 4 Inch Natural Vine Ball from M&M Bird Toys is a giant chewable bird foot toy. This huge woven ball can be stuffed with tons of bird thrilling materials.

This bird toy includes (1) giant 4 inch diameter woven vine ball. This huge ball is made from natural air dried pieces of vine that’s been woven into a sphere form. Even with its big size this bird foot toy is very light allowing any type of pet bird to interact and have fun with it. The woven vine makes lots of openings all over the ball that’s perfect for beaks and feet to grab. These holes are also perfect for stuffing the ball with different shredding and foraging material. A great classic use is to fill the ball with shreddy paper and then place treats inside for your pet to discover and pull out. These balls can be used in any number of ways, including hanging around the cage and from other toys, and even being broken up and used for chewing material.

Each vine ball is slightly different in design, shape and appearance as these are natural items.

Approximate Specifications:

Ball Diameter: (4) inches

Single Ball Weight: (0.5) ounce

100% bird safe

Each ball is checked for quality in our small shop

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Good product, just not strong enough for m...

Good product, just not strong enough for my macaw

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