1020 Paci Spoon Beater

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The 1020 Paci Spoon Beater from M&M Bird Toys is a super fun and noisy bird toy. This enticing small sized toy has bright bird pleasing colors and stainless steel measuring spoons.

The top of the bird toy includes a fast link connector for easy hanging in the aviary. This connector loops through the last link in a sturdy link chain that works as the backbone for the toy. All of the other items on the toy are connected to this chain and wiggle about as your pet plays. At the top of the sturdy link chain sit a colorful plastic bead and colorful plastic foot gear. These adornments can easily move around on the chain and are great fun for pets to investigate with their beaks. Below these items are (2) sturdy metal rings that each have a stainless steel measuring spoon and acrylic pacifiers hanging. One of the rings has (1) acrylic pacifier while the other ring has (2). These pacifiers are beautiful translucent items and reflect their bright colors onto the shiny stainless steel. 

The sturdy metal rings are spaced so that the stainless steel spoons can easily bump against each other. The design of this toy begs to be grabbed, pulled and shaken. As the toy moves about the acrylic pacifiers will bounce about making great bird thrilling colorful effects. As all these parts collide with each other the toy will make bird pleasing sounds. This straightforward fun toy is perfect for small cages that need an interactive noisy delight.

This bird toy ships in bright bird pleasing colors for the plastic bead, plastic foot gear and acrylic pacifiers.


Height: (9) inches

Depth: (2) inches

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe noisy cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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