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The 1 Inch Ring Donut from M&M Bird Toys are small colorful easy to chew bird foot toys. These versatile bird safe toys are fun for in any cage.

Each pack includes (15), (20) or (25) 1 inch Ring Donuts. These small sized foot toys are made from many layer of compressed cardboard formed into a ring. On the outside of each is a colorful paper strip that make them stand out in any environment. As the rings are very lightweight they can be played with by pets of any ages or abilities.

The rings can be strung up around the cage or from other toys. The can be thrown, toss and rolled around. Break the rings up into smaller pieces for extra foraging material. Tie extra material to each ring to increase the foraging fun. The uses for these foot toys are endless, all of them bird thrilling.

These bird safe foot toys are made from layers of shreddy compressed cardboard.

Single Ring Specification:

Diameter: (1) inch or (25.4) mm

Thickness: (0.37) inches or (9.39) mm

Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

A bird safe shreddable foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai in our small Florida shop

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Angela Wells
1 inch Ring Donuts

Thank you for our present and they are great only next time I will order bigger ones , your both so kind thank you again 🌺and happy New Year 🥳 to you all

Actually too small for my 6 birds as I hav...

Actually too small for my 6 birds as I have cockatoos but will work for toy parts

These are GREAT spacers! Vivid colors! The...

These are GREAT spacers! Vivid colors! The quality is perfect! Matched the description !00%!! Exceeds my expectations! Thank you so much!!

Excellent bird toys!

Excellent bird toys!

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