5612 Super Shreddy Sneakers

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The 5612 Super Shreddy Sneakers from M&M Bird Toys are brightly colored shreddable foot toys. 

Each pack includes (1), (2), (3) or (4) super shreddy sneakers ready to play with. Each sneaker has been stuffed with brightly colored shreddable paper. This paper is designed for pets to enjoy and has been dyed with pet safe water soluble dye. The paper in each sneaker is a different color than the sneaker itself making them irresistible to playing birds. The sneakers are made with a cotton canvas, natural rubber sole and have bird safe aglet laces. The sneakers have real sneaker parts and are great fun to chew apart. 

These straightforward, super brightly colored foot toys are a blast for pet birds. The shreddy paper is easy to pull out of the sneaker for beaks and feet. The cotton canvas is fun to shred apart, the rubber soles offer lots of grabbing enjoyment and the aglet laces are very entertaining for both beaks and feet. The super bright colors make these sneakers stand out in any birdy environment. After your pet pulls all the shred paper out you can easily refill the sneaker with any other material. A delightfully chewable, shreddable, foraging foot toy.

[Single Sneaker Specification]

Length: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Width: (1.5) inches or (3.8) cm

Height: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Weight: Under (1) ounce

Bird safe chewable foot toys

Individually hand-made by Mai in our small Florida shop

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I will continue to buy from this shop!

I will continue to buy from this shop!

This store was extremely helpful with help...

This store was extremely helpful with helping me pick out toys for my CAG.

These sneakers are really cute and my bird...

These sneakers are really cute and my bird loves them! They make a perfect foot toy for my little guy! Very nice quality. They definitely exceeded my expectations!

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