5171 Three Satisfying Beak Shredders

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The 5171 Three Satisfying Beak Shredders from M&M Bird Toys is an excellent pack of (3) hanging toys. 

Each pack includes (3) shreddable, handmade bird toys. Included with each pack is a 5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder, a 1074 Rainbow Beak Sneaker and a 1561 Tutu Chew. These toys are all lightweight, appealing in cages and easy for pets to shred apart.

The 5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder is a movie grade popcorn paper bag stuffed with all natural air dried sola plant pieces. Sola material is lightweight, safe for pets and easy for beaks and feet of all sizes to shred. The bag has been folded closedown top. A natural length of jute twine is at the top for hanging and knots around punched holes in the bag. This delightful toy can be used as a cute storage bag with the sola poured out for your pets enjoyment or given to your pet to destroy as a super shreddy party!

The 1074 Rainbow Beak Sneaker is a small sized stuffable sneaker with colorful plastic beads and a quick link connector included. This sneaker has real sneaker parts with a white cotton canvas, soft natural rubber sole and bird safe aglet laces. The sneaker can be stuffed with any kind of shredding or foraging material. The colorful plastic beads make it alluring to pets anywhere in the cage. On top a quick link connector loops around a sturdy metal ring that slips through a hole in the back of the sneaker.

The 1561 Tutu Chew is a classic hanging toy with parts to thrill beaks and feet. A quick link connector has a sturdy metal wire looped around it. This continues through the center of the toy ending with another loop and a small metal bell dangling. On top this wire is adorned with (2) natural wooden beads and a colorful plastic tube. These sit on top of a natural air dried sola ball. This ball sits inside beautiful bakery grade cup cake cups and has more cups facing down. This toy is easy for pets to grab with their feet and dig into with their beaks!

5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder-

Height: (6) inches or (15) cm

Width: (3.5) inches or (9) cm

Depth: (2) inches or (5) cm

Weight : Under (2) ounces

1074 Rainbow Bead Sneaker-

Height: (5) inches or (12) cm

Width: (1.5) inches or (3) cm

Depth: (2) inches or (5) cm

Weight: (1) ounce

Tutu Chew Specifications:

Height: (7) inches or (17) cm

Width: (3.25) inches or (8) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces 

All toys are bird safe and individually handcrafted by us in our small Florida shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love this bundle

This bundle is the favorite!

This is my second purchase. They love it a...

This is my second purchase. They love it as much as the first toys.

Good quality item. Birds loved

Good quality item. Birds loved

My caique loves this!! Great toy.

My caique loves this!! Great toy.

Kathleen DeSilva
Amazing first time purchase!!!

The quality of these handmade toys are unbeatable! My cinnamon turquoise green cheek conure absolutely loved these toys, specifically the sola hanging ones!

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