5159 Super Beak Shredder Platter

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The 5159 Super Beak Shredder Platter from M&M Bird Toys is a wonderful way to entertain your pets shredding instinct. This platter has brightly colored shreddable items to thrill.

Each platter includes (7) awesome shreddable items ready to be played with. In each platter are (2) brightly colored sola balls, (4) colorful compressed cardboard chew donuts and (1) super shreddy sneaker.

The sola balls are made from the sola plant, are feather light and great fun to shred. These natural foot toys have been brightly colored with pet safe eco-friendly dye. The balls are excellent as regular foot toys, perfect to hang up around the cage and ideal as added foraging material.

The chew donuts are made from many layers of compressed cardboard thats been formed into a tube. These layers are interesting for pets to peel back strip by strip. The outer layer of each donut is brightly colored making these foot toys stand out in any cage.

The super shreddy sneaker is a cotton canvas foot toy with real sneaker parts that been stuffed with brightly colored pet safe crinkle paper. The sneaker has a real sneaker tongue, soft rubber sole and bird safe aglet laces. The sneaker has been totally stuffed with colorful crinkle paper. This crinkle paper is pet safe and eco-friendly just like the sola balls.

This platter ships in bright bird pleasing colors for all of its parts. 

Single Piece Specifications:

Sola Ball:

Diameter: Under (2.5) inches or (6) cm

Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

Chew Donuts:

Length: (1.5) inch or (38) mm

Diameter: (1) inch or (26) mm

Weight: Under (0.5) ounce

Super Shred Sneaker:

Length: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Width: (1.5) inches or (3.8) cm

Height: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Weight: Under (1) ounce

All foot toys are 100% bird safe and handpicked in our small shop

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