5155 Dainty Sola Platter

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The 5155 Dainty Sola Platter from M&M Bird Toys is an assorted selection of bird gratifying natural pieces. These chewable foot toys are pleasing for all breeds of birds.

Each Dainty Sola Platter includes (19) individual chewable pieces! Within each pack are (9) Sola Slicers, (6) Sola Cubes, (3) Skinny Sola Sticks and (1) Small Sola Ball. The sola slicers are made from thinly sliced pieces of sola wood with a ring of outer bark left on. The center of each slicer has a natural hole. The sola cubes are roughly cut skinless sola wood pieces that are super easy for beaks of all sizes to grab. The sola sticks are long skinny skinless sola wood pieces. The sola ball is a classic foot toy piece made from many pieces of sola wood, tied together, cut to size and left to air dry. This wood is from the interior of the sola plant, is completely bird safe and a total delight for pets to play with.

This assorted pack of foot toys is excellent for entertaining your pet. Having many different shapes of foot toys is great for pets as they can be continually entertained. Sola is feather light and can be added to the cage and other toys with ease. The pieces can even be chopped up and used for refilling other foraging items.

These bird toy wood parts will vary slightly in size and shape from piece to piece as they are natural items. These foot toys are bird safe.


Sola Stick:

Length: (4.75) inches or (12) cm

Width: (0.5) inches or (1.27) cm

Single Log Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

Sola Cube: 

Width: (0.87) inches or (22) mm

Depth: (0.62) inches or (15) mm

Single Cube Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

Sola Slicer:

Width: (2.5) or (6.3) cm

Length: (0.75) inches or (1.9) cm

Thickness: (025) inches or (0.6)cm

Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

Sola Ball:

Approx Diameter: (2.4) inches or (6) cm

Single Ball Weight: Under (0.5) ounce

Individually Hhnd-packed by Mai in our small shop

 Learn how Sola Bird Toys are made at our blog: https://www.mmbirdtoys.com/a/blog/how-are-sola-bird-toys-made

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Items were as described and will fit well...

Items were as described and will fit well in the toy I am building. Orders came in faster than anticipated, and the birds love them. Also received a complimentary bag with little sola balls that the birds enjoyed right away. Thank you!

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