5130 Medium Sola Wood Crepes

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The 5130 Medium Sola Crepe Chewers from M&M Bird Toys are all natural easy to forage foot toys. These lightweight balls are a delight for small size pets.

Each pack includes (3), (6) or (9) ready to shred sola wood crepes. Each sphere is made from thinly sliced pieces of the sola plant that are formed into round open twists, shaped into a sphere and left to air dry. Sola is an all natural lightweight pithy material sourced from a plant stem. Sola makes for an ideal pet bird foraging item as it doesn’t splinter when broken, is perfectly safe to chew apart, is very lightweight and bird appealing.

These balls are perfect for small size pets. The interesting twists all around the ball make for a super interesting foraging experience. The smallest beaks and feet will enjoy breaking apart the balls. The balls can be hung up around the cage for added fun and even broken up for additional foraging material.

To learn how our sola wood toys are made checkout our blog post: https://www.mmbirdtoys.com/a/blog/how-are-sola-bird-toys-made

These bird safe foot toys vary slightly in shape and size as they are completely natural products.

[Single Crepe Specification]

Diameter: (2.5) inches or (6.3) cm

Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

A bird safe foraging foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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These sola balls were wonderful! They were...

These sola balls were wonderful! They were exactly what I needed to make homemade toys with. My budgie loves these so much, she will destroy one within a day.

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