5034 Big Sola Beak Slabs

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The 5034 Pk6 Big Sola Beak Slabs from M&M Bird Toys are all natural handout chewable wood foot toys. These soft chunks of sola wood are easy for all species of birds to enjoy.

Each pack includes (6) ready to play with big sola beak slabs. These pieces are individually hand cut and each have bark left on one side. The foot toys are made from pieces of natural sola wood. This is one of the lightest woods in the world and makes for a superb bird foot toy material. Sola is lightweight, easy to chew, doesn’t splinter and is appealing to pet birds. 

The sola slabs are chunky in design, letting beaks and feet of all different sizes easily manipulate it. Sola can be enjoyed as it is, added to other toys for a chewable natural delight or even broken up by hand for extra foraging material. Treats like nuts can be stuck inside of the sola slabs for more foraging fun! These foot toys are excellent for small to medium size pet birds like Budgies, Parrotlets, Conures, Cockatiels, Caiques, African Greys and more!


Length: (3) inches or (7.62) cm

Width: (1) inch or (2.54) cm

Single Slab Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

A bird safe chewable foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai in our small Florida shop

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These are the perfect size for my birdie t...

These are the perfect size for my birdie to sit and hold in her foot and tote around. She will love these! Thanks

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