5030 Medium Punched Leather Squares

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The 5030 Medium Punched Leather Squares Pk8 from M&M Bird Toys are natural chewing foot toy parts. These leather squares can be used in tons of ways to entertain your pet.

This pack includes (8) ready to play with natural leather squares. These are made from high quality USA sourced vegetable tanned leather which is bird and pet safe. The squares have an (1.5) inch width for each side and a cleanly punched (3/8) inch hole in the center. Leather squares can be used as standalone foot toys and added to other toys with the convenient center hole. As these are natural foot toys they can be completely chewed apart.

Each leather square will vary slightly in color as they are natural foot toys.


Side Length: (1.5) inches or (3.8) cm

Single Square Weight: Under (1) ounce

100% bird safe

Each toy is individually hand-packed by us in our small Florida shop

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Great bird toys and things to build our ow...

Great bird toys and things to build our own! Fast shipping!

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