3528 Little Beak Wiggler

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Type: Nickel Plated
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The Little Beak Wiggler from M&M Bird Toys is a delightfully fun to play with small sized heavy duty foot toy. 

Each pack includes (1) Little Beak Wiggler ready to play with. The wigglers body is made from (2) stainless steel or nickel plated steel bars bars that have smooth bends in them and cleanly drilled rounded holes on either end. These holes have sturdy nickel plated steel metal rings looped through them. On these metal rings are (2) small colorful beads. On the body bars of the foot toy there are (1) metal ring dangling from each, with each ring adorned with (2) small stainless steel nuts. 

All the parts on this toy shift and wiggle anytime it’s played with. The rings sit loosely on the toy letting them jiggle about. The plastic beads slide around the rings they’re on. The rings on the body bars hang stainless steel nuts that are a thrill for beaks and feet to investigate. This interactive foot toy provides wonderful exercise and stimulation for pets - especially small beaks and feet!

This hand-crafted toy is made to last through countless play sessions.

This toy is available in Stainless Steel & Nickel Plated versions.


Length: (3.5) inches or (8.9) cm

Width: (2.5) inches or (6.35) cm

Depth: (0.25) inches or (0.63) cm

Weight: Under (2) ounces

A bird safe heavy duty foot toy

Individually hand-crafted by us in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

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This is my cockatoo's new favorite toy. Ve...

This is my cockatoo's new favorite toy. Very nicely made, thank you!

My Cockatoo loves to jingle this toy, than...

My Cockatoo loves to jingle this toy, thank you!

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