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The 2195 Pk3 Small Nobby Chews from M&M Bird Toys are fun to play with bouncy bird foot toys.

This pack includes (3) ready to grab Small Nobby Chew balls. These are made from a colorful rubber Nobby ball thats had natural wood sticks stuck through. The ball itself is made from many pieces of colorful rubber tubing thats beens woven in between each other. This forms a sphere with lots of openings that makes it easy for pets to grip with beaks and feet. Through each ball there are (3) natural chewable sticks that can be chewed and broken apart.

These fun foot toys have an interesting design that allures birds to come and investigate. The spheres are irresistible to grabbing feet with lots of smooth surfaces to feel and grip. The chew sticks make for a beak gratifying stick with their natural color and skinny size. These bird foot toys can be enjoyed as they are, strung up to other toys or the cage and also refilled with treats or shreds materials.


Single Nobby Chew Diameter: (4.5) inches or (11.4) cm 

Single Nobby Chew Weight: Under (1) ounce

Bird safe chewable bouncy foot toys

Individually hand-made by Mai in our small Florida shop


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