2162 Rectangular Rainbow Chew Slats

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The 2162 Rectangular Rainbow Chew Slats from M&M Bird Toys are brightly colored pet safe chewable foot toys. These natural wood blocks are satisfying for beaks.

Each pack includes (6), (12) or (18) ready to play with rectangular rainbow chew slats. These slats are made with natural wood and have been brightly colored with food dye making them completely pet safe. Each slat is cut in the same rectangular shape with a circular drilled hole in the middle. This center lets any bird owner hang the slats around the cage and from other larger toys. All pet birds love to chew and having pet safe, colorful wood foot toys provides this excellently.

Single Slat Specification:

Length: (4) inches or (10) cm

Width: (1.25) inches or (3) cm

Depth: (0.25) inches or (0.6) cm 

Weight: Under (0.5) ounces

100% bird safe

Individually hand-packed by us in our small Florida shop

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These are GREAT!! Exactly as described! Br...

These are GREAT!! Exactly as described! Brightly colored too! Shipping was super fast! Packaged well and protected! My expectations were met 110%!! I'll be ordering again from this seller! Highly recommended!! Thank you so much!

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