2084 Rainbow Wingnuts

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The Rainbow Wingnuts from M&M Bird Toys are colorful and interactive plastic foot toys. These interesting parts are fun for small pets to manipulate.

Each pack includes (6), (12) or (18) colorful rainbow wing nuts. These toys are made from durable plastic and are brightly colored. Each toy has a long threaded plastic core with an interesting wing nut screwed on. The wing nuts are in varied shapes and sizes including circles, triangles, bobbins and round nuts. The nuts can turn on the cores and move up and down while twisting. The nuts are easy for birds to grab onto. The foot toys are lightweight allowing pets of all sizes to enjoy. Pets will have a blast playing with the toys with beaks and feet.

All pet birds need quality foot toys to get proper mental and physical stimulation while in the cage. Interactive foot toys like the Rainbow Wingnuts provide pets with fun visual stimulation and also offer an interesting interactive game with the wing nut moving up and down. The toys are also brightly colored enticing pets to come and play from anywhere in the cage.

[Wingnut Specification]

Length: (1.75) inches or (4.4) cm

Core Thickness: (0.62) inches or (1.5) cm

Weight: Under (1) ounce

A bird safe interactive foot toy

Individually hand-packed and checked for quality by Mai in our small Florida shop

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Fun for birds. Chewed quick though

Fun for birds. Chewed quick though

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