2074 Pk15 Mini Link Stars

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The 2074 Pk15 Mini Link Star from &M Bird Toys are classic inter-connecting small size foot toy pieces. These colorful plastic parts are a delight for little beaked buddies to enjoy.

Each pack includes (15) ready to play with mini link stars. These are brightly colored plastic foot toys with interesting aspects for birds to investigate. The stars have (2) protruding connecting bulbs on either end. These bulbs have multiple slots that are fun for beaks and feet to feel and also can slip into the ends of other mini stars. This lets the stars be connected in easy to remove chains that are irresistible for pet birds. The center of each star have a circular opening that lets them easily be strung up around the cage or other toys. 

These are classic  bird foot toys that ship in bright assorted colors.


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Star Width:

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A bird safe classic foot toy

Individually hand-packed by us in our small Florida shop

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Cute and fun little foot toys for a small...

Cute and fun little foot toys for a small bird. I clip them together, and my little parrotlet has great fun tearing them apart.

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