1121 Rainbow Chew Spinner

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The 1121 Rainbow Chew Spinner from M&M Bird Toys is a shape changing chewable hanging bird cage toy. This toy features easy to break wooden sticks that turn around their center.

At the top of the bird toy is a quick link connector. This makes for fast hanging in the aviary. From here a sturdy link chain hangs down to a small piece of sturdy metal wire. This wire passes through the sticks horizontally and has (2) loops at either end that hold the toy body together. Also held by the wire are (2) natural wood chew beads. The body of the toy is made from many colorful, breakable, chewable, wooden sticks. These flat sticks are easy for birds to manipulate and are great fun to break apart. The sticks are all able to be turned around their axis as the sturdy metal wire passes through a drilled hole in their center. This lets the toys shape be changed quickly and easily. The sticks will move anytime pets interact with the toy, and also can be adjusted by hand. 

Colorful bird toys that change their shape help to increase the amount of fun in the cage. The 1121 Rainbow Chew Spinner has an enticing design, bright assorted colors that are selected and arranged by hand for the best effect and moves around when played with. The chew sticks let pets enjoy chewing and stick breaking to their hearts content. This destructible, stimulating toy is designed to entertain!


Height: (9.5) inches or (24.1) cm

Width: (6) inches or (15.2) cm

Depth: (3.75) inches or (9.5) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe chewing toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop

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Perfect. Just perfect. Large, vivid and ch...

Perfect. Just perfect. Large, vivid and chic for my bird's cage.

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