1120 Small Cup Shredder

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The 1120 Small Cup Shredder from M&M Bird Toys is an easy to play with and delightfully fun small size handmade bird toy. This bird toy offers fun foraging paper shreds and a great item to add pets favorite treats to.

At the top of the toy a quick link connector is included. This allows to toy to be installed fast in any aviary. From here a sturdy link chain hangs down and passes through a drilled hole in the cup top and bottom. On the bottom a small metal ring hangs from the last chain link thats adorned with a little metal bell. The body of the bird toy is a white plastic durable cup thats been completely stuffed with brightly colored shreddable crinkle paper. The cup top sits on the chain above the crinkle paper and can be manipulated up, down or even screwed onto the cup itself.

This fun straightforward toy has smooth sides, easy to grab parts and chewable paper crinkles. The paper crinkles are a joy for pets to pull out and shred apart. The cup can be refilled with more foraging material and/or favorite treats. The cup top can be moved up and down the chain, or screwed onto the base to create a new toy experience. This bird toy is great fun for small size pets like Budgies, Finches, Canaries, Lovebirds, Parrotlets and more!


Height: (7) inches or (17.8) cm

Diameter: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe foraging toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

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Love it!! Really well put together and my...

Love it!! Really well put together and my birdie loves to chew it searching for the walnut I hid. Seller also added a foot fidget toy, tysm!! You save my sanity at times when she loves to sit on my hand while I use my mouse. Lol.

My birds loved everything I got them from...

My birds loved everything I got them from this shop! Packaged nicely and arrived on time. Highly recommend!!

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