1112 Rainbow Stick Chewer

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The 1112 Rainbow Stick Chewer from M&M Bird Toys is a brightly colored cascade of chewing fun! This hanging bird toy turns around and changes shape as its played with.


This bird toy provides an enticing, chewable, pet safe toy for birds to break! The sticks on the toy satisfy beaks and feet with their easy to break thickness and bright colors. The toy twists and turns anytime its played with, making it even more fun for pet birds. This toy allows birds to express their natural foraging nature which is to break, chew, shred and tear apart.

This bird toy ships in bright assorted pet pleasing colors.


Height: (9.5) inches or (24.1) cm

Width: (6) inches or (15.2) cm

Depth: (0.75) inches or (1.9)

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe chewable hanging cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This is by far my conures fav thing! They...

This is by far my conures fav thing! They are well on their way to chewing it to bits

My conures loved this! It was destroyed wi...

My conures loved this! It was destroyed within a week!

A new toy to CONQUER!

My Gray flashed pinned eyes and let out a war whoop when I put this new toy in his cage! He launched an enormous strategic attack straight on. After shaking the life from this poor defenseless toy, he took a short break to just hang on it. Then he remembered he had some yummy treats to eat and left the toy to be dealt with at a later time. Thumbs up on this toy! You nailed it again Mia with a great toy for parrots from M & M Toys. Your toys really rock-so glad I found you!

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