1086 Foot Gear Ringy Ringer

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The 1086 Foot Gear Ringy Ringer from M&M Bird Toys is a durable handmade small size hanging toy. This toy has colorful parts and big metal rings to thrill pet birds.

The top of the bird toy includes a quick link connector for fast hanging in the aviary. From here a sturdy metal ring hangs from the link with (4) total on the bird toy. These metal rings loop through the center of (2) colorful plastic foot gears and a colorful plastic shape. On the upper and bottom ring dangle (2) pretty translucent colorful acrylic rings. The bottom ring also has a metal bell.

This bird toy is pleasing for pets, has big parts that are easy for beaks to grab and makes pleasant noises when played with. The metal rings on the toy are strong enough to support climbing pets and can also be used to hang additional material. All the plastic parts wiggle and move when the toy is interacted with.

This bird safe handcrafted toy ships in bright assorted cage enhancing colors for all the plastic parts.


Height:  (6.5) or (16.5) cm

Width: (2.75) or (6.9) cm

Depth: (1.5) inches or (3.8) cm

Weight: (3) ounces

A bird safe hanging aviary toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop

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Perfect for small birds. It gives them a b...

Perfect for small birds. It gives them a bit more to play with. Every morning I even find my one budgie near this toy sleeping.

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