1074 Rainbow Bead Sneaker

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The 1074 Rainbow Bead Sneaker from M&M Bird Toys is a fun to shred small hanging toy. This toy is perfect for small sized pets of all breeds.

At the top of the bird toy is a quick link connector included. This makes for fast hanging in the aviary. From here a small sturdy metal ring dangles thats adorned with a small interstar and loops through the top of the back of the cotton shred sneaker canvas. The mini sneaker has real sneaker parts, can be stuffed with different materials and is great fun for pets to shred. The sole of the sneaker is made from soft rubber and the bird safe aglet laces have plastic ends. The laces have been adorned with (6) small colorful beads each and a small interstate tied off at the end.

This delightful straightforward toy is perfect for pet birds. The aglet laces simulate preening when pets pull the tips apart. The sneakers pleasant bird pleasing colors and enticing design draw all breeds of pets to come and enjoy.

This hand-made small size hanging bird toy ships with bright bird pleasing colors for the plastic parts.


Height: (5) inches or (12) cm

Width: (1.5) inches or (3) cm

Depth: (2) inches or (5) cm

Weight: (1) ounce

A bird safe chewable cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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Excellent play toy!

This is a fan favorite in my house!

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