5000 Sneaker Shredders

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The 5000 Sneaker Shredders from M&M Bird Toys are delightfully fun foot toys. These chewable, rippable, stuffable, shreddable foot toys are adored by pet birds.

This pack includes (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (10) or (15) ready to play with sneaker shredders. Each sneaker is made from a natural cotton canvas and has a real rubber sole. The sneaker has actual sneaker parts with a pullable tongue, bird safe laces that can be tied together, ringless holes for the laces and a single hole on the back. These sneakers have no metal parts and can be totally shredded apart.

Inside of each sneaker is space that can be used to stuff your pets favorite shredding, foraging and treat material. The laces can be used to hang the sneaker from different objects or to easily toss the toys around. The openings in the sneakers can be used to string them up with different material. The bright colors stand out in any aviary. An amazingly entertaining foot toy for beaks and feet.

These bird safe foot toys ship in bright bird pleasing colors including: Blue, Green, Yellow and Hot Pink.

Single Sneaker Specifications:

Length: (3) inches or (7.6) mm

Width: (1.37) inches or (3.5) mm

Height: (1.62) inches or (4.1) mm

Weight: Under (1) ounce

A bird safe foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
My bird Beanie loves these shoes to chew o...

My bird Beanie loves these shoes to chew on

laura agin

Merlin loves these Sneakers, they last a little while cause he doesn't demolish them all at once!!! LoL

I have 8 birds who love them on a rope dan...

I have 8 birds who love them on a rope dangling from the top of the cage and so I replace them often

Fun toy for my budgies.

Fun toy for my budgies.

Jewel is loving her sneakers. They meet he...

Jewel is loving her sneakers. They meet her expectations!

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