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The Groovy Clips from M&M Bird Toys are colorful wide ranging in use bird toy links. These large durable plastic clips can be used in tons of ways to entertain your pet.

Each pack includes (8), (12) or (16) Groovy Clips. The clips are all brightly colored and stand out in any cage they’re installed in. The clips arrive in an assorted shapes, all of them with smooth edges and an interesting center groove. The clips are bendable for easy installation on any different objects. Wonderful to play with as straightforward foot toys, the clips offer lots of interesting places for pets to grab with their beaks and feet. These clips are even strong enough to hang small to medium sized toys. Also clip the clips together in long chains for even more fun. 

These fun foot toys are excellent to have in ample supply in the aviary. They are easy for pets of all ages and abilities to play with, are lightweight, brightly colored, long lasting and have endless uses. 

These foot toys are bird safe, ship in bright assorted bird pleasing colors and shapes that include: stars, circles, ovals, pentagons, diamonds, octagons, hearts and triangles.

Approximate Specifications:

Single Clip Width: (2.25) inches or (6) cm

Single Clip Length: (2.25) inches or (6) cm

Single Clip Thickness: (0.25) inches or (0.6) cm

A bird safe classic foot toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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loved it just what i needed.

loved it just what i needed.

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