7032 Stainless Steel Kabob Hanger

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The 7032 Stainless Steel Kabob Hanger from M&M Bird Toys is a durable, long lasting, versatile, hanging cage toy. 

At the top of the toy there is a quick link connector making for easy hanging in the cage. The connector hangs the toy body via a sturdy metal eyelid. This eyelid comes out the top of a durable plastic cylinder. From the bottom of the cylinder a long stainless steel shaft continues down. This ends with etched threads and a large, ribbed, finger nut at the end.

This toy is designed to have other items added to it! Simply unscrew the finger nut and add really anything to the shaft to thrill your pet. Add different chunks of fruit or other foods, shredding materials, wooden parts, chewable chunks or even entire other toys. This is a wonderful way to introduce new foods to birds as it makes it exciting for birds to investigate. The shaft and plastic cylinder on the toy are very smooth and quite durable. Pets can enjoy hanging from the toy as much as chewing the items off of the shaft. This hanger is made to last for years, is completely bird safe and excellent to add to aviaries. 


Length: (10.25) inches or (26) cm

Shaft Width: (4.5) mm

Weight: Under (2) ounces

A bird safe versatile hanging toy

Individually hand-packed and checked for quality by Mai in our small Florida shop

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Great for Homemade Toys!

I got these skewers to use for toys, so I wouldn't have to constantly use pliers to put new toys on old hardware. So far, so good! They are a bit thicker, which does make stringing things like foam and sola chips harder, but I like that it is very sturdy. In the first day, one of my ggc's demolished about 3/4 of the toy - guess I'll be getting lots of repeated use!

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