5526 Medium Sola Cubes

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The 5526 Medium Sola Cubes from M&M Bird Toys are wonderfully fun to chew and shred natural foot toys.

This pack includes (8) ready to play with sola cubes. These chunky cubes are cut from stems of the sola plant. Sola material is pithy, all natural, lightweight and ideal for a chewing medium for pets. Each cube has had its bark sliced off leaving the white interior each with a naturally formed center hole. These cubes are very light and easy to shred, letting beaks and feet of all sizes manipulate them. These cubes are great as regular foot toys and can also have holes poked through them. With this the cubes can be hung up around the cage and other larger toys adding a natural chewing delight. 

These cubes do ship in slightly varied shapes and sizes as they are 100% natural and hand cut. 

[Single Cube Specification]

Width: (1.25) inches or (3) cm

Height: (1) inch or (2.5) cm

Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

A bird safe foraging foot toy

Individually hand-packed and checked for quality by Mai in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

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Everybirdy's favourite thing to destroy ar...

Everybirdy's favourite thing to destroy around here. Keeps my birds (green cheek and kakariki) busy for about 15 minutes per cube.

My bird loves these!! I always need to hav...

My bird loves these!! I always need to have some on deck, he destroys them so fast and loves it. With the holes in the middle they are fun to string and hang too!

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