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The Skinny Sola Logs are made from roughly cut pieces of the Sola plant. This pack is available in (4), (8), (12), (16) & (20) skinny sola logs. Sola material comes from the root of a  tropical species of plant also known as Shola & Sola Pith Plant. This material is lightweight, easy to break apart, doesn’t create splinters, is perfect for chewing enjoyment and all natural. These clean white pieces are from the inside of the Sola plant stem. The bark on the outside of the log has been removed. In the center of each piece is a small natural hole.

These skinny logs are great fun for pet birds and others to chew and shred. The logs are straightforward items and appealing to all types of pets. The logs are super lightweight letting any breed of bird or other pet pick it up and manipulate it. The natural material is perfectly safe to chew apart. The logs can be hung up around the cage and other toys. They can even be broken up for foraging material. An ideal, bird safe, easy to play with, natural foot toy.

These skinny logs are made from air dried natural sola plant. The size of each log will vary slightly as these are roughly cut completely natural items.

[Approximate specifications]

Length: (4.75) inches or (12) cm

Diameter: About (0.5) inches or (1.2) cm

Single log weight: Under (0.1) ounce

A bird safe natural chew toy

Individually hand-packed by Mai in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

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Make great fillers for busy boxes.

Make great fillers for busy boxes.

My bird can't get enough of these! Thank y...

My bird can't get enough of these! Thank you so much.

Always great products and fast shipping!

Always great products and fast shipping!

JoAnn Stevens

Skinny logs are one of my parakeet's favorite things. My order was filled promptly and correctly.

Fast shipping! Thank you!

Fast shipping! Thank you!

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