5143 Sola Oyster Slicers

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The 5143 Sola Oyster Slicers Pk12 from M&M Bird Toys are super pet appealing chewing foot toys. These straightforward slices are a delight to chew.

Each pack includes (12) sola oyster slicers ready to play with. The slicers are made from sola material which is lightweight, bird safe and very easy to break apart. Sola material for pets has been air dried after being cut to size making it a wonderful foraging foot toy. These sola slicers vary in size, shape and width but all have the same rounded rectangle design. The center of each triangle has a small hole that’s naturally formed. 

These foot toys are super straightforward and easy to introduce to pets of all tempers. Beaks and feet of all types can grab, shred, chew, break and totally interact with each oyster piece. The pieces are large enough to offer a big chip for beaks to bite into offering a thrilling chewing experience. 

These natural foot toys do vary in shape, size and width but all are the same triangle oyster shape.

[Approximate Specifications]

Slicer Width Range: (1) inch to (2.25) inches

Slicer Thickness Range: (0.25) inches to (0.5) inches

Single Slicer Weight: Under (0.1) ounce

A bird safe chewable foot toy

Individually hand-packed and checked for quality by Mai in our small Florida shop

Learn how Sola Bird Toys are made at our blog: https://www.mmbirdtoys.com/a/blog/how-are-sola-bird-toys-made

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Given 5 stars

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