500 Medium Seagrass Tent

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The 500 Medium Seagrass Tent from M&M Bird Toys is a handmade, easy to play with, chewable, hanging bird cage tent. 

At the top of the bird toy a plastic ribbed ring is laced through the seagrass mats. This connector is chunky in shape and makes it easy to hang the toy. The body of the toy is made from (3) handwoven seagrass mats. These are arranged in a triangle tent design with (4) sturdy metal rings on the bottom that connect the mats to each other. Seagrass is an all natural material that’s soft, easy for beaks and feet to grab and can be completely chewed apart.

This delightful toy is an excellent addition to cages. Hanging tents entice pets to fly to and from the toy creating lots of healthy exercise. Pet birds can enjoy climbing both the inside and outside of the tent. The seagrass mats are very satisfying for pets to chew and shred. This tent can also have extra materials and parts added to it easily. Add a pets favorite blanket or cuddly item. Stuff extra shred material inside for even more foraging fun. Laced quick link connectors through the mats and hang even more items from the toy. However the seagrass tent is enjoyed its sure to thrill.


Height: (6) inches or (15) cm

Width: (6) inches or (15) cm

Depth: (6) inches or (15) cm

Weight: About (4) ounces

A bird safe handmade hanging tent

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop

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happy with purchase, as described by selle...

happy with purchase, as described by seller, birds a little skeptic at first but then started to get busy working on it.

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